Sibilla Stefani was born in Lucca in 1967.
She graduated at the Institute of Art Passaglia of Lucca in 1986 and continued her studies in Florence at the International University of Art until 1990 specialising in the restoration of paintings on canvas, wood panels and frescoes.

Her research focuses

in materializing the fast passage of light.

She puts much care in the study of ancient works,

not so much in the subjects as in the use of the materials,

with particular attention to the preparations,

in order to convey the sensation

of a proposal for the future

rather than nostalgia for the past.

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2000 “Ibiscus” solo exhibition at the Associazione Servizi Insieme, Lucca.
2003-2008 she exhibited works at the Schiaccheart Gallery, Riomaggiore.
2003-2006 she exhibited works at the Barbara Paci Gallery, Pietrasanta.
2005 Art Verona 05 with Barbara Paci Gallery.
2006 solo exhibition “Reading in Mucic of Maria Laura Baccarini”, S. Pietro a Grado, Pisa – Barbara Paci Gallery
2006 she exhibited works in the exhibition “Versilia, yesterday and today”, at the Principe di Piemonte, Viareggio – Barbara Paci Gallery
2007 Prize winner at XXV’ edizione del “ Premio Firenze”, Palazzo Vecchio, Florence.
2008 Solo exhibition at “ Chiesa S.Giulia”, Lucca
2010 Solo exhibition at the Association of Friends of Populonia, Populonia, Piombino.
2010 Collezione Carlo Pepi, Casa Museo Modigliani Pepi, Crespina, Pisa.
2010 Exhibited work at “Caseminime” Studioquattordici, Lucca
2013 Exhibited work at “Ruote d’artista” Palazzo Ducale, Lucca
2015/2016 Reproduction in a limited ediction of ten original paintings of hers on silk and caschemire scarves . – Zazzi s.r.l.- Lucca.
2016 “Spotlights on Lucca” solo exhibition at Banca del Monte Foundation, Lucca.
2017/18 The limited edition reproduction of his works continues on scarves, in silk and caschmere.- Zazzi s.r.l.- Lucca.
2018 “Below up” solo exhibition at Torre Guinigi, Lucca. (Bess Art gallery)

Her works besides Italy are present in private collections both in Europe and abroad.